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We produce and supply landscaping & Building Stone as part of mine site rehabilitation.

Pic Right (above on mobile) 150..400mm. We also supply 100..200mm/100..150mm/75..100mm and 50..75mm. See gallery below or our Instagram page @prophet_stone

We Deliver Anywhere to as far as lake Eildon Victoria.

The unique colour and shape of this stone makes it ideal for stone masonry, and landscaping requirements.

Our pricing is competitive in todays market

We pride ourselves in producing and supplying a clean and sized product based on industry needs and requirements for distance and ground coverage (this means less waste more face metres per tonne). Our product is costed via the tonne using the (loader equiped) loadmaster scales system to ensure customer satisfaction and cost efficiency.

We rehabilitate mine sites & produce stone/rock

LEFT(above on mobile) is 75.. 100 mm swale / gabion stone also available_100..150 mm

Our stone/rock has beautiful colour, ideal for landscaping and stone masonry and it's unusual natural shaping keeps it in place, even under extreme water force situations e.g. creek bed, culvert, erosion control.  It comes in many sizes, clean and we can deliver anywhere, more pics below and video link

( See youtube video )


Gold forming bacteria

I have been involved in this research since 1997 and now work closely with Dr Frank Reith from the University of Adelaide, who has published numerous scientific papers on the subject, 2 of which I am co-author (Geology and Chemical Geology).  Check out Dr Frank Reith's  Blog and  watch  youtube video to learn more about our break through research to do with gold formation. The  implementation of this research into the mining industry has a substantial environmental and economic benefit that has  motivated me to inform the industry of this break through. I have been very successful in attracting media publicity. Google search (John Parsons. Dr Frank Reith. Gympie Times. Adelaide University.Gold forming bacteria) to see some of the results of my promotional efforts. Further down this page at DOWNLOADS, there is a letter from Dr Frank Reith, explaining my involvement.

 https://goldsamples.blog/                  (  See youtube video.  )

Extra large 150..400mm landscaping rock

This large swale rock is ideal for rock wall construction e.g. stone house, retaining walls.

See cap in foreground of pic for size reference, see gallery below for examples of this size and others in construction.

 ( See youtube video.)

Stone House

We have many sizes of building stone and landscaping rock.

 See more pics 

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see youtube video 


Scientific research to do with biological formation of gold

We are also heavily involved in gold research with University of Adelaide. Google search

John Parsons  Dr Frank Reith Gympie Times. 

Go to  Dr Frank Reith's  blog              https://goldsamples.blog/


My Promotional and educational efforts

In the process of rehabilitating abandoned mine sites, turning waste into resource, I have realised this is not a unique situation. My endeavour is to inform and educate the mining industry and the public.

 My mining experience has also brought to my attention the lack of understanding of the mining legislation, private property rights and the disharmony this has created.    see youtube                  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vJJ2pmEaab8&feature=youtu.be                                     I have established a GoFundMe page to help me achieve this,Any support is appreciated.


Important Information Concerning Land Access

Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act 2003

This affects all land in Queensland including freehold.The act binds all persons in Queenslandand and requires them to be aware of the duty of care contained in this act.


Native title.

Find out about native title obligations for mining and resources, including the application process and negotiating.


Biosecurity Act 2014

Biosecurity is an essential part of private property access rights. For someone to enter a property that has a biosecurity protocol, they must abide by that policy.    


Fossicking rules and responsibilities

 “ In Queensland, the rules and regulations governing Fossicking are prescribed in the Fossicking Act 1994. Fossickers licences are available from issuing agents at various locations across Queensland. Information about declared Fossicking Areas is available on the DNRME website. In addition, fossickers may access any private land with the permission of the owner. An owner can refuse permission and there is no appeal against such refusal. Fossicking is permitted in State Forests however contact must be made with the local Forest Service Office before entry.  A code of conduct applies to fossickers licence holders and is available on the DNRME website.” 


Land Access Code Department of Natural Resources and Mines September 2016 Version 2

Accessing private land for resource activities

Private property rights should be as important to the mining industry as they are to you. I believe everyone should understand the law and act in accordance with it. Following is a link to assist all parties in a more harmonious mining  industry relationship with the property owner.


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