Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Panning No More

5th September 2014 To Whom It May Concern. It seems that our providing a panning service for the general public has led to the belief that the local creeks are accessible for this purpose also. There is either no gold or no access in the local creeks, and there is no creek that is not [...]

Growth Hopes for Gold

An Australian scientist says it might be possible to “grow” gold in a laboratory. Geo-biological expert Dr Gunther Bischoff says some bacteria and fungi can make alluvial gold flakes and nuggets increase in size – and that he has proved it on Queensland alluvial gold. German-born Dr Bischoff, who is working at Macquarie University in [...]

Gold Strike

Gold nuggets may really be the work of bacteria that can grow the precious metal in much the same way marine organisms build coral reefs. That is the theory of a Canberra scientist who has detected DNA bonded to tiny gold flakes. Frank Reith, a geo-ecologist and doctoral researcher at the Co-operative Research Centre for [...]

Bugs Can Bring A Golden Harvest

An Australian scientist has dug up 24-carat evidence that gold nuggets grow underground like potatoes in a farmer’s field. DNA tests showed bacteria and fungi in the soil were intimately linked with gold nuggets, backing up previous theories that they “grew” nuggets around them in the same way corals made reefs. But unlike relatively fast-growing [...]

Gold Bacteria

In Australia, in the 1860s, if someone asked a miner where gold could be found, the response would often be, “Gold is found where it grows.” Who would have thought that, a century later, scientists would be beginning to prove that the old-timers may have been right? The gold miners of today are find­ing real [...]

Groundbreaking research

The Prophet Gold Mine is proud to be part of ground breaking research into the formation of gold by bacteria. Dr. Frank Reith The University of Adelaide’s Dept. of Geology and Geophysics believes that gold can be formed by bacteria in the soil. In fact, he’s got some evidence that points to bacterioform gold. Read [...]


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